Since 1946 JUAN NAAB S.A.I.C. is an Argentine Company, thus being the leader in the manufacture of products for the leather industry. Having been founded in the year 1946 by a German chemist , who was specialized in leather technology, the beginnings of the Company were devoted to the manufacture of lubricators, widening afterwards its scope ofproducts to all kind of auxiliaries for the regional leather industry.

A permanent updating of its technology made the Company suitable for the demands of the international market.

Its modern industrial manufacturing plant is located in an area of 30 000 m2² in the premises called José León Suárez, in the Great Buenos Aires.

With an operative capacity of 600 tons a month it bears a storing capacity of more than 1000 tons of raw material, which guarantee the continuity of the production process, thus ensuring a "just in time" delivery.

Being manufactures regarding a very strict quality system that assures its excellency, the line of products covers several refined, sulfated, sulphocloride, sulfite, phosphate, cation, amphoteric, tensioactive oils up to general auxiliaries.

Juan Naab S.A.I.C. is vested with laboratories of its own, duly equipped so as to accomplish with the most diverse chemical and physical essays, regarding oils as well as leather.

In its state of the art manufacturing plant the analysis of all leather properties is carried out, where all demands and requests of all customers are immediately answered, thus continuing with the development of the product as a whole.

During the period of 50 years, where the investigation and the permanent spirit of innovation have been the foundation for the confidence deposited on the firm, Juan Naab S.A.I.C. have privileged in their tasks the direct relationship established with its customers, obtaining solutions for every need of whatsoever kind and nature.

The firm follows all rulings as concerns a clean and safe production, thus fulfilling the most rigorous national environmental laws.